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Whether you’re looking for a corporate suit or a mechanic’s jumpsuit, we can help you find the perfect fit for your brand. We have a professional team of uniform designers, and that's why we are the best uniform makers. Uniform tailor offers customized uniforms for all industries. janitorial, medical, hospitality, convention, security, industrial, public safety, education, government, corporate, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, food service, maintenance, oil & gas, mining, electrician, ironworkers, pipefitters, plumbers, engineers, architects, engineers, realtors, real estate agents, software engineers, project managers, IT staff, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What industries does Uniform Tailor cater to?

Answer: With our experience, we are confident to say that we cater to all industries, as we design uniforms for all industries. Our range of products includes hospital uniforms, hospitality uniforms, housekeeping uniforms, corporate uniforms, construction uniforms, security uniforms, culinary uniforms or chef uniforms, and more. We provide worldwide shipping and are the leading #1 uniform maker online.

Q2. What are the benefits of wearing a uniform?

Answer: The benefits of wearing a uniform are-

1. Optimal Brand Recognition: Logos and embroidered brand identifiers become more prominent on clothing, making your brand more recognizable to potential customers.

2. Improved Employee Morale: Employees are proud to wear the logo of their company, which enhances their feeling of belonging and identity within the company.

3. Cost Effective Promotional Tools: One cost-effective way for businesses to promote themselves is to make branded clothing available for employees to wear as part of their official uniform.

4. Ease of Staff Retention: Unmonitored changes in staff can be a big problem for any business. Wearing a uniform instantly identifies staff as being affiliated with your business and creates a sense of loyalty and security for them as well as for customers.

Q3. How are the uniforms customized?

Answer: Uniform tailor offers made-to-order uniforms that are customized according to your needs, whatever style you are looking for in any size and color, you will get the perfect fit, best part is you can add your brand logo on uniforms with custom embroidery and printing options.

Q4. What is the best Colour for uniform? 

Answer: There are many factors to take into account when choosing uniform color combinations, including the nature of the job and the preferences of the individual wearing the uniform. Generally, dark colors tend to look more professional than light colors, and neutral colors such as grey can go with any outfit. It's also a good idea to choose bright colors that will stand out in high-traffic areas such as airports or hospitals.

Q5. How can I order a custom uniform from Uniform Tailor?

Answer: You may have two ways to order your customized uniforms from Uniform Tailor.

FIRST: Customized & Order Now

In this option, you may add your personalized text (name/designation), use our logo template design, or upload your own mock-up design and be able to adjust your design based on the size and location of the design. Once you have customized your uniform, selected print or embroidery, add the number of sizes that you require, and place your order, you will soon receive an order confirmation message from our team

SECOND: Order now

In this option, Customizing your uniform is quick and simple by following just a few steps:

1. Select a particular color you are looking for & click on the ORDER NOW option.

2.Select Customization Type with print/embroidery options & select logo placement sides(front,back,left,right).

3. Select Design type whether you want to upload your logo, any text, or both.

4. Add quantity in front of the respective size options (*note- extra charges may apply for large sizes).

5. Select proceed to buy and checkout your order by entering your right payment, and shipment details.

If you are still facing difficulty, you can contact us via Whatsapp at +91-971781751 or email us at

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