Professional Kitchen Apron Gray
Professional Kitchen Apron Gray
Rs1,399Rs2,499 (45 % Off)
Style#: UCCAPR02
Unisex Adjustable Aprons
Unisex Adjustable Aprons
Rs599Rs799 (26 % Off)
Style#: BA08
Professional Kitchen Apron Timber Green
Customized Designer Long Aprons
Professional Kitchen Apron with Customized Logo
Kitchen Apron Set
Kitchen Apron Set
Rs899Rs1,850 (52 % Off)
Style#: AS001
Half Waist Apron With Bow-Knot
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Half Waist Apron With Bow-Knot
Rs799Rs1,399 (43 % Off)
Style#: HWA100
Professional Single Pocket Unisex Aprons
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Professional Restaurant Kitchen Apron With Chef Hat
2 Pocket Unisex Color Strip Professional Kitchen Aprons
3 Pocket Unisex Waist Aprons
3 Pocket Unisex Waist Aprons
Rs919Rs1,199 (24 % Off)
Style#: WA04
Black Sommelier Apron
Black Sommelier Apron
Rs1,319Rs1,499 (13 % Off)
Style#: BA10
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Customized Personalized Aprons , Design your own Personalized Aprons

Since our business starting we focused on supplying business uniforms like restaurants, hotels Personalized Aprons and other hospitality uniforms with unique high quality uniform products on a budget cost.Today we are lucky to work with lots of diverse group of clients across all over Indian business communities including top-tier names in the restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, and retail stores.

Design your company uniforms online, with very easily. We do designing and show custom predesigned custom uniforms absolute tension-free: simple steps choose product, go to custom design button, choose clipart or write company name or messages, select graphics and fonts, and done designing. If you have your own business or team logo, upload it over here while designing. Facing any trouble no need to panic, our designer team always online can provide online support to design, they will help to create your designs as you want it is not chargeable. We also provide bulk discount on price quotes on bulk quantity. Delivery of Personalized Aprons is quite fast as our policy or delivery.

The corporate world is a challenge, however what you wear to figure ought to be straight forward. Currently you will be able to simply customize high quality company attire together with your company Logo - search branded things. We have worked arduous to assemble a curated choice of the brands you recognize and love. Creating custom company attire could be a breeze - our on-line Designer makes it straightforward to feature your company logo to polo, uniform shirts, jackets, Personalized Aprons and more. We provide low cost, quick turnaround, and good discounts. Let our specialists connect with you for your custom company attire that your team will love.

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Personalized Aprons

Uniform Tailor is the #1 custom apron maker with logo embroidery or printing options. Browse our range of chef aprons, waist aprons, bakers aprons, kitchen aprons, laundress aprons, safety aprons, barista aprons, work aprons, restaurant aprons, smock aprons, tailor aprons, waist aprons, embroidered aprons, customized aprons, printed aprons, designer aprons, branded aprons, children aprons, school aprons, hospital aprons, nursing aprons, medical aprons, industrial aprons, cleaning aprons, etc. in various colors, sizes, and patterns according to the requirement. Our products are widely acknowledged for their high quality, durability, and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What type of aprons does Uniform Tailor offer?

Answer: Uniform Tailor is the leading #1 manufacturer and supplier of customized aprons online. Our large selection of high quality aprons are perfect for anyone who works in a variety of industries. We offer both front and back adjustable aprons as well as two-in-one front and back aprons to make managing your uniform easier. Browse our range of custom aprons at no minimum online at the best prices for the food industry, chefs, wait staff, painters, hotel staff, housekeepers, and more.

There are many different types of aprons, designed for a variety of purposes. Some are designed to protect clothing, while others are designed to be decorative. The type of apron that is best for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

Some of the most common types of aprons include the following:

Bib aprons: These are perfect for protecting your clothing from spills and splashes while you cook or clean. They typically feature a front pocket for holding utensils and are designed to be worn over your regular shirt or blouse. You can design your own bib apron with logo with our easy to use online design tool.

Cook aprons: These provide additional protection from grease splatters and spills while you're in the kitchen preparing meals. They come in a variety of styles, including ones that tie in the front or have a classic fit around the waist.

Chef aprons: These provide extra protection while working in commercial kitchens. They feature a variety of pockets for storage and may have additional protective features such as a back flap to protect your lower back from the stove.

Utility aprons: These are designed for workers who are on the go and need some basic protection from dirt and grime without sacrificing mobility. They may feature front pockets for carrying tools and accessories, as well as adjustable waists so they fit comfortably regardless of your body shape or size. 

Men's aprons: These come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs that suit men's unique tastes and needs while they're in the kitchen or working around the house. 

Women's aprons: Women can also choose from a wide selection of aprons that fit their unique tastes and needs while they're cooking or cleaning around the house.

Fishing aprons: They are designed to protect clothing from bleeding fish scales and blood from fish that are being cleaned. They are typically made from durable materials like canvas or polyester and can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.

Nursing aprons: Features plenty of pockets for storing supplies, as well as elastic at the bottom for easy movement. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that complements your personal style.

Home decorating aprons: Provide protection while you're painting, wallpapering, or renovating your home. They typically feature lots of pockets for storing tools and supplies, as well as extra-long ties for safety.

Half Waist Apron: A half waist apron is a half-length apron that ties at the back and front over the waist. They are designed to provide protection to the front and back of the lower torso while leaving your hips free. The half-waist apron is often worn by chefs, caterers, hairdressers, and beauty therapists.

Cobbler Apron: A cobbler apron is a type of apron that protects a personโ€™s clothes from getting stained or damaged when working on projects that involve messy materials, such as piecing together shoes, repairing the furniture, fixing cars, or painting.

One of the most important features of a cobbler apron is the pocket in the front that is designed specifically for holding nails and screws so that you donโ€™t have to worry about losing them. Additionally, some cobbler aprons are designed with additional pockets that can be used for holding other tools. The pockets on the front and back are concealed by flaps so that the contents stay secure.

Bartender Apron: A bartender apron is a type of specialized clothing that is worn by bartenders while they are working. It helps to protect the bartender's clothing from spillage and other potential stains. A bartender apron is usually made out of heavy-duty materials that are resistant to stains and moisture.

Salon Apron: A salon apron is a protective garment that shields hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, and other salon professionals from potential contamination by their work environments.

Sommelier Apron: A sommelier apron is worn by wine servers at restaurants to protect their clothing. These aprons have special pockets for corkscrews, wine stoppers, and wine glasses.

Q2. What colors, sizes, and patterns are available?

Answer: Uniform tailor offers custom-made aprons in a wide range of colors, and patterns and they are available in all sizes. There is no need to worry about the fit, as all the aprons are tailor-made, ensuring they fit perfectly.

Q3. How can I customize my apron?

Answer: All of our aprons are made to order, and we have a wide variety of customization options available. You can choose from different colors and sizes, as well as add your own personal touch with embroidery.

If you want to personalize your apron with embroidery, you can upload your own designs or choose from one of our pre-designed options. Our artists will then transform your designs into beautiful embroidery that will be incorporated throughout the apron.

Alternatively, you can also add text to the apron using our online designer tool. This is a great option if you want to add something small but significant such as your name or a special phrase.

Q4. What is an apron used for?

Answer: An apron is a piece of clothing that is worn over clothes to protect them from cooking grease, dirt, and stains. It is also commonly worn to protect the wearer's clothes from the hot pans or bowls in the kitchen.

Q5. What are apron pockets used for?

Answer: A pair of apron pockets is an addition to a men's or women's apron that is designed to hold small items like change, keys, and phone, or anything that you might want to keep close at hand while you're working. They are usually sewn on the lower front of the apron.

Q6. Which apron is best for kitchen?

Answer: The best apron for the kitchen is one that will protect you from stains and spills while also being comfortable to wear. A good apron will have multiple pockets to keep your utensils, ingredients, and supplies organized. The best apron is one that fits your unique body shape, is stain-resistant, and well-made.

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